April 2019: 6 myths about earning your $520

6 myths about earning your $520

What do you know about getting your $520 for 2020? We’re setting the record straight with these facts about getting a Wellness Credit Screening in 2019. If you don’t get screened now, you may miss out on free money.


MYTH #1: I’m not going to meet all of the numbers, so I don’t need to get screened.

FACT: Have you had your blood work done recently? You won’t know how many of the numbers you’ll meet until you check. Many people meet more numbers than they think they will. And, you need to know your numbers to manage your health.

Step 1: Get your Wellness Credit Screening (the earlier the better, in case you need time to improve your numbers or to do a reasonable alternative)
Step 2: If you don’t meet the numbers, complete a Reasonable Alternative before September 30th and you’ll earn the full $520. Find out more on Reasonable Alternatives here: https://behealthythr.wpengine.com/be-healthy/wellness-credit-screening/.


MYTH #2: Getting a Wellness Credit Screening is inconvenient/hard/a long process.

FACT: Getting a Wellness Credit Screening is easier than you may think. You have two options to get your screening before September 30thRegister online and then go to:
Option 1: A Quest Lab
Option 2: Your doctor’s office (needs to be in network on your medical insurance)


MYTH #3: Going to a Quest Lab to get my Wellness Credit Screening is too complicated.

FACT: Getting screened at a Quest lab takes two simple steps, register and go:

  • Schedule an appointment online at a location for a date and time that works for you
  • Show up to your appointment to get your screening

(that’s it–your results are sent in automatically)


MYTH #4: It’s a lot of work to get my Wellness Credit Screening at my doctor’s office.

FACT: Getting screened at your doctor’s office has a few extra steps, but helps build such an important relationship with a primary care provider:

  • Schedule an appointment with your doctor that works best for your schedule
  • Before your visit, print a form from My.QuestforHealth.com (find details here)
  • Take the form with you to your appointment and have your doctor complete it (be sure they sign and date it!)
  • Follow the instructions listed on the form to submit it by September 30th


MYTH #5: I have to pay for my Wellness Credit Screening.

FACT: Wellness Credit Screenings are free!
Doctor’s Office Option
If you get your screening completed at your doctor’s office, you will have a $0 cost if you get your Wellness Credit Screening during your annual preventive/wellness exam. If you get your screening at a regular office visit with your doctor, you’ll need to pay the cost of an office visit per your medical insurance.

Quest Option
There is no cost to screen at a Quest Lab, as long as you register for your appointment online first.


MYTH #6: I can only get screened one time.

FACT: If you get your Wellness Credit Screening and don’t meet the numbers, use the Be Healthy programs available to you to improve your numbers. Then, get screened again before the September 30th deadline. You’ll be re-screened for all metrics each time you screen, and we will take your best numbers.