April 2016: There’s an app for that!

app_iphoneThere’s an app for that!

Many of our vendors offer mobile apps that make managing your benefit plans easier and more convenient. We’ve made a list of the apps that are available, as well as some common uses for each one.


1) Medical Insurance: UnitedHealthcare Health4Me

  • View health claims
  • Access your medical ID cards
  • Find a doctor in your network
  • Connect with customer service to get answers to your questions

2) Dental Insurance: Aetna Mobile

  • View dental claims
  • Find a dentist in your network
  • View coverage and benefits

3) Prescription Drug Coverage: CVS Caremark

  • Scan prescriptions for refills
  • Check and compare prescription drug prices
  • Find a pharmacy in your network

4) 401(k) Retirement Plan: Fidelity Investments NetBenefits

  • View your 401(k) account balance
  • Change your contribution amount
  • View or change investments

5) Healthcare and Daycare Spending Accounts: Payflex MobileTM

  • View your FSA account balance(s)
  • Upload documents for reimbursement
  • View various resources available

Be Healthy Wellness Program

1) Be Healthy Rewards: RallySM

  • Redeem wellness rewards
  • Add/participate in healthy missions
  • Access to gift cards for in store use

2) Real Appeal

  • If enrolled, track meals, workouts, and water intake
  • Participate in group sessions
  • View library of resources

3) Weight Watchers

  • If already enrolled, track your food, weight, and activity
  • Use the barcode scanner while grocery shopping
  • “Snap and Track” feature that allows you to take a picture of your meal to track later

4) Walkingspree

  • If already enrolled, quickly view your progress and program goals
  • Sync devices directly
  • Track calories