April 2016: Save More Using a Preferred Hospital

preferredhospitalSave More Using a Preferred Hospital

There are different networks covered under your medical plan with Texas Health Resources. Know before you go and understand the difference in the networks associated with these plans to save you money.

First, you need to know which medical plan you have. There are three different plan options offered through Texas Health Resources.

Understanding Networks

  • Preferred Hospitals– Preferred Hospitals are where you will see the maximum benefit of your medical plan. When using a Preferred Hospital, procedures are covered at 90%! This means you pay 10% after the deductible has been met no matter which plan you’ve chosen.
  • UHC Choice Network-This refers to facilities that have a contract with UnitedHealthcare, but are not on the Preferred Hospital list. Depending on which medical plan you have, a procedure done at a facility that is not a Preferred Hospital is covered at either 30% or 50%. You would be responsible for paying either 70% or 50%.
  • Out-of-Network-With the Choice 500 and Choice 1000 plans, Out-of-Network care is not covered. With the Choice 1500 plan, procedures done at Out-of-Network facilities are covered at 50% after the deductible.

When your doctor recommends you to go to a certain facility for a procedure, it is highly recommended that you contact a Health Advocate to learn if the facility is considered preferred. Also, if you have questions about your medical plan or need help navigating your options, contact a Health Advocate at 1-877-MyTHRLink (1-877-698-4754) prompt 2.