April 2016: Blue Zones Power 9: Moving Naturally

bluzones_parkingBlue Zones Power 9: Moving Naturally

Moving naturally is one of the Power 9 characteristics. In the original five areas throughout the world designated as Blue Zones, citizens are not running marathons, going to cross-fit gyms, or lifting weights. These are great avenues for an active and healthy lifestyle, but it is also important to move naturally throughout your day. For example, people living in Blue Zones areas grow gardens, and don’t utilize machine-driven conveniences that we in the United States tend to use to do basic activities such as house and yard work.

Here are some ideas to move naturally during the workday:

1) Be on the lookout for Blue Zones designated parking spaces at your work location. Try to park in these spaces to get some extra steps in each day.

2) Take a stretch break. Check out the micro-break flyer posted on our Blue Zones page.

4) Use the stairs instead of elevators, especially if you only need to go up one floor.

5) Stand up as much as possible. If you have a conference call or a webinar, try standing instead of sitting.